Arizona Iced Tea Rebrand

Tags: Branding

February 14, 2022

Four Arizona Iced Tea cans, featuring a vibrant pink Arizona logo layered on top of a white checkerboard pattern and yellow and blue grainy gradient background.

Can Redesign

Since Arizona Iced Tea already has such an established brand, I took parts of it and tweaked them so their audience could still identify with the updated look. The colours come from the old can—with minor hue and saturation tweaks to become more lively.

A flat version of the can redesign with the logo, checkerboard illustration, and nutrition information visible.

Can Details

The checkerboard pattern that was lost in the background of the old cans finally gets the spotlight it deserves, becoming a key element and linking everything together.

An advert showing an Arizona can wedged between two couch cushions, and the caption “Still Just $1.29.”

Advertising Campaign Post 1

The advertising campaign proudly boasts the $1.29 can price that hasn't changed in Canada for years. It's so little, you could find that amount of change in between your couch cushions...

An advert showing an Arizona can poking out of the back pocket of a man's jeans, and the caption “Still Just $1.29.”

Advertising Campaign Post 2

...or your back pocket.