Ghibli Deco Collection

Tags: Illustration

November 26, 2021

The front side of four illustrated cards suspended in the air with geometric illustrations on them.

Card Fronts

Each card front visually interprets a single Studio Ghibli film using abstract illustration. Art Deco was chosen as the style because of its timeless versatile shapes.

The backside of four illustrated cards suspended in the air with the names of Studio Ghibli movies on them.

Card Backs

On the back is the name of each film illustrated on the front, along with some branding for the card company.

Two illustrated cards lying flat beside their blue holding box.

Box Front

The bright blue on the side of the box is taken from Studio Ghibli's logo, an iconic screen that always appears before each film starts.

Two illustrated cards stacked beside the backside of their blue holding box.

Box Back

The back of the box offers a small peek of the contents nestled inside.

Two illustrated cards lying flat beside the thumbnail card featuring all illustrations on it.

Thumbnail Card

Along with the cards is a thumbnail card showcasing all four designs working side-by-side, and a short rationale of the cards.

The black and white logo for Kusakabe Paper Co, set in an Art Deco typeface.


Kusakabe Paper Co is a reference to my favourite Studio Ghibli film, My Neighbor Totoro, which revolves around the Kusakabe family.

A close-up of the front and back sides of the blue box, with a grey flower Illustration on the front.

Box Details

For all the type nerds out there; I used the beautifully crafted Mendl Sans for this project. It's available on Adobe Fonts if you have a subscription.

A detailed view of the geometric illustration for the film My Neighbour Totoro, mainly composed of earthly circles and shades of green.

My Neighbor Totoro Card Details

The themes portrayed in this film are light-hearted and explore whimsical parts of nature. Green is primiarily used, reflecting the flora and fauna of the region.

A detailed view of the geometric illustration for the film Spirited Away, mainly composed of adventurous rectangles and shades of blue.

Spirited Away Card Details

Spirited Away is all about adventure. The blue is a direct reference to the water surrounding the bathhouse in the film. The two circles clashing in the middle are Chihiro and Haku—whose worlds cross in the film.

A detailed view of the geometric illustration for the film Princess Mononoke, mainly composed of angry triangles and shades of red.

Princess Mononoke Card Details

Since this film tackles more serious topics, the design appears more hostile and uninviting than the previous cards. The main theme of the film is conflict, whether it be humans battling nature, or humans battling each other. The sharp angles in the shapes are derived from arrowheads.

A detailed view of the geometric illustration for the film Whisper of the Heart, mainly composed of loving triangles and shades of purple.

Whisper of the Heart Card Details

A love story at its core, Whisper of the Heart displays a gentle and more subtle side to Ghibli. The composition is an abstract representation of the two main characters, Shizuku and Seiji, embracing each other.