Liquicity Records Rebrand

Tags: Branding

November 19, 2021

Logo for Liquicity Records, depicting a white slime falling off a globe.

Old Logo

Their current identity leaves room for improvement and doesn't accurately reflect the modern brand. It hasn't been updated in a long time. A real long time.

Three pages of logo concept sketches done with pen on paper.


Sitting down with pen and paper, I listened to the label's music while designing to understand and influence the design.

Six white vector logos are arranged on a blue background.


The most successful six options were selected and vectorized.

A geometric light blue logo is placed on a dark blue background.

New Logo

After some refinement, the final logo was complete. The blue reflects the smooth rhythm of liquid drum and bass and emulates water flowing through pipes. The Q & C in the logo are inspired by vinyl records and the top-down appearance of a turntable.

Two different black and white patterns of Morse code and sound waves.


Adding to the identity are two patterns derived by sound. The first is morse code, spelling out the label's name in a similar fashion to beats in a song. For the second I spoke the company name into a microphone and screenshotted the soundwave. After some simple vectorization, it became another asset to the brand.

A blue and orange album cover for Out of Time by Monrroe, using the Morse code pattern.
A dark blue flag flapping in the wind on a sunny day.
A white tee shirt covered in small blue Liquicity logos that fade out near the top.
A dark blue commercial van with an oversized logo occupying the entire right side of the vehicle in light blue.
A pair of dark blue luxury headphones with silver trimmings.

Brand Expressions

Everything culminates through the brand expressions. Including a rave flag, because who doesn't like a good flag.