Music Box: The Punk Issue

Tags: Editorial | Typography

March 23, 2022

The front and back cover of the magazine Music Box, featuring an orange image of a person playing guitar.

Front & Back Cover

Music Box is a monthly subscription box filled with music-related items, ranging from records and gig posters to stickers or a zine. The focus is et on musicians who are less known, but highly talented.

A two-page spread with a simple table of contents featuring large black headlines using a rigid grid system.

Table of Contents

Typography is a key factor in Music Box's unique style. The contrasting type scale ensures that the reader is treated to an assortment of engaging compositions, without taking away from the articles and written content. The Helvetica Neue family is deployed to ensure the tone of each spread is polished, legible, and timeless.

A two-page spread with a large headline that reads “Monochromatics” with an orange image of two members of the band.

Monochromatics Feature

The primary—and only—colour that Music Box wields is a cultured orange. This colour represents the vivid, yet restrained personality of their audience. Additionally, the colour comes from the humanistic warmth that can be felt in the act of listening to music.

The April 2022 issue features the fantastic band Monochromatics from Morden, MB. Click on their faces to listen to one of their songs.

A two-page spread with an article about the band Monochromatics, featuring a headline that reads “Politically withdrawn, but noisily present.”


Music Box utilizes the Swiss Style to ensure its readers are getting a clean and structured editorial product. Since this is a luxury item, a highly curated layout is expected—and delivered, of course. Heavy grid use creates a consistent feel throughout each issue, while still allowing for flexibility in the layouts.

The Music Box homepage and sign-up form inside a browser window.

Digital Component

This assignment required the project to span print and digital formats. The digital aspect walks through the process of subscribing to the monthly box, via its website.

The Music Box check-out cart and successful order page inside a browser window.


Each month's magazine is treated as its own collectable item—something that appeals to its core audience of people seeking a premium product to cherish.

The Music Box homepage displayed on a silver MacBook Pro.
The Music Box sign-up form displayed on a silver MacBook Pro.
The Music Box check-out cart displayed on a silver MacBook Pro.
The Music Box successful order displayed on a silver MacBook Pro.

Desktop Mockups

Each step is clearly defined on the page in large type, so the user can understand what they can expect next.

The Music Box homepage displayed on a silver iPhone 12.

Mobile Mockup

And for those of you on the go, a mobile companion site is also available.