App Design | Branding

Nirah is a podcast app that puts the listening experience first. The design is focused on getting you to the content you want in fewer steps. It allows for offline downloads, perfect for a busy lifestyle on the go. The logomark was inspired by audio waveforms and emulates repetition in speech. Shortwave blue and Relay pink call attention to important areas, while the stripped-back palette ensures that the content you love takes centre stage. The headers are set in Obviously Condensed since space on a phone app is limited.

The Nirah logo with sound waves radiating from it.
Custom typographic logo, inspired by sound waves.
White letters on a blue background, that says "Shortwave".
The names of brand colours, a black named "Station", a white named "Frequency", and a vivd pink named "Relay".
Nirah's brand colours.
A glossy blue glass podcast app icon for Nirah.
Icon variation.
White letters on a blue background, that says "A logical way to listen".
A MacBook showing a promotional website for the Nirah podcast application.
Promotional companion website.
Phone screens with audio shows sliding out of the Nirah podcast app.
Phone screens showing Nirah's studio and creation features to edit audio.
Albums spilling out of the Nirah podcast player.