2021 Ascenders New York Exhibition Poster

Tags: Typography | Poster

September 28, 2021

Six different letterforms of the letter U arranged in a simple grid.

Letterform Exploration

Each student was given a randomly selected letter to explore. I was given the beautifully symmetrical "U". The bottom right design was created by accidentally entering the wrong numbers in Illustrator's distort tool. Happy accidents are lots of fun.

Three developed poster compositions, using the previous letterform explorations.


After identifying the most interesting explorations, I moved into fast prototyping. The typesetting was still messy at this stage. The overall composition was more important.

A yellow poster with black shapes and type, framed and hanging on a light grey wall.

Final Poster

The final piece. Since the event was held in New York, it was only natural to take inspiration from the city. The colours directly reflect the iconic NYC taxicab colour scheme—a vibrant yellow partnered with a solid black. The obnoxiously large letter “U” occupies most of the space and creates a sense of depth through its abstraction. It carries a spirit of the modern aesthetic, like the people who live in New York.

A detailed view of the final poster typesetting, with the headline “2021 Ascenders New York Exhibition.”

Typesetting Detail

Helvetica is the sole typeface used—a nod to NYC's classic subway system branding.